☆ Chicken Smoothie One-Shots ☆

Sometimes, I dress up pets on the site Chicken Smoothie for fun and write a quick one-shot for them for practice. Usually, the worlds are just one-offs I created just to make what I dressed up made sense.

"What do you mean by "dress up pets?" On Chicken Smoothie, along with collecting pets (which is the main point of the site), you can collect items to dress up pets with. Which has to be my favorite feature of the site.

Something to know is that these stories are kid-friendly (to fit the rules of the site) and I write about anything. So any story could really be about anything. Like a grab-bag of random stories I made up on more or less the fly.

Below are images of the pets I dressed up. Click on them to go to the page where you can read the story I wrote about them.

Images (not counting background and navigation buttons) belong to Chicken Smoothie, Writing and Character (Concepts) belong to Yo, It's Alex. Fox